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  Summary  How to use shared printer in network with 32/64 bit Windows
  Question  How to use shared printer in network with 32 and 64 bit Windows when server computer is Windows 10?
We cannot use shared printer on old 32-bit Windows clients.
  Answer On Windows 10, Text Driver/Publisher installs driver for host platform only (32 or 64 bit).
On earlier versions of Windows, Text Driver/Publisher installs drivers for both platforms (32 and 64 bit).

Clients which connect to such a server, will get appropriate driver from server automatically.
In case if the server is Windows 10 and client has different platform (32 vs 64 bit or vise versa), the driver will not be provided automatically to the client because it was not installed at host system.

To use shared printer on these clients, you may run on them Text Driver/Publisher installer with "Install Printer Driver only" option.
It will install only printer driver files for this system and you will be able to work with the server.
This installation will not require separate license for such a client.
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