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 1   Saving documents to individual files and foldes 19 
 2   I have paid by check. How long I have to wait to receive the registration code?
 3   What is your refund policy?
 4   How to print documents of different types with the same settings
 5   Why I cannot register my copy of Publisher/Text Driver
 6   Why Miraplacid Publisher does not print vertical/horizontal lines
 7   How to use shared printer in network with 32/64 bit Windows
 8   What are the benefits for registered users?
 9   Printer driver does not save files
 10   When do I need to use Terminal Services Edition?
 11   License Manager hang up
 12   How to save Publisher settings during version upgrade?
 13   Miraplacid Publisher Programming and SDK
 14   How to change printing resolution
 15   Does Publisher convert proprietary format documents
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